Hamlet Comparisons

I have started comparing various versions of Hamlet as I watch them, grading the various characters and the overall production.  I have these tagged as "Hamlet Comparisons," but I thought it would be fun to put them all on one page too, just to see at a glance how I like things.  I think I'll arrange them in order of production date.  And I'm leaving off Murder Most Foul since it doesn't actually exist, alas.

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1969 -- Nicol Williamson, Anthony Hopkins

Hamlet:  C-
Horatio:  B-
Laertes:  D
Ophelia:  A
Claudius:  B+
Gertrude:  C-
Polonius:  C
Overall Production:  C-

2004 -- Simon Keenlyside

Hamlet:  A
Horatio:  N/A
Laertes:  F for making me Furious (B+ for everything except the ending)
Ophelia:  B+
Claudius:  C
Gertrude:  C
Polonius:  N/A
Overall Production:  N/A because it has so many differences.

2015 -- Benedict Cumberbatch
Hamlet: A+
Horatio: D
Laertes: C
Ophelia: A
Claudius: B+
Gertrude: B-
Polonius: B
Overall Production: B+


  1. How about the Kenneth Branagh version, and the David Tennant version? :)

    1. I'll get there eventually! I've seen um... fourteen different productions? But I want to rewatch them before writing up a review, so I'm just adding to this gradually, as I watch a version and review it. I do like both Branagh's and Tennant's enough to own copies, so I'll get to them at some point!

  2. "Laertes is a fool! He ain't never stopped to think about what type of person Hamlet was. All he does is do what the king tells him to do. When he fights Hamlet, all they do is end up killing each other. That's his problem. He don't stop and think before he acts."

    Thank you, Tommy Lee Haywood.

    1. Quiggy, this is sadly true. But I'm a Laertes fan anyway. Reckless and impetuous characters do draw me fairly often.

    2. Still leaving me curious whether you know what movie I'm quoting, but thanks for responding. :-)

  3. It came from "Renaissance Man", a Danny DeVito film and featuring the first film appearance of Mark Wahlberg, whose Tommy Lee Haywood character utters those lines.

    1. Ahhhh! Well, no wonder I didn't recognize it, as I haven't seen that :-)


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